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  • CEO’s Greeting

Haekang Co., Ltd., a Company That Never Stops Taking the Initiative
and Fostering Innovation.

 With its commitment to reasonable and systematic business management and equipped with excellent technological manpower and facilities, Haekang Co., Ltd. is a leading maker of electric switchboard cabinet, steel cabinet, electric control system, high voltage, low voltage, and MCC for atomic power plants. After it acquired a company founded in 1979, Haekang has caught up with the day-to-day development of industrial technology through ceaseless innovation
and investment in technology development.

 Having built a new plant and facilities including painting, acid cleaning, and plating lines, Haekang is equipped with
one-stop production process from machinery such as land and sea electric switchboards, railroad cars, plants, and power supply system for atomic power plants (high-voltage, low-voltage, and MCC) to finished electrical products. Thus, Haekang has made unstinted investments with a view to new initiatives.

 Having established a make-to-order production system that taps into advanced equipment and technology in a bid to follow the contemporary trend that requires specialization and differentiation, we are doing our best to satisfy diverse-ranging customer needs. As a business partner that our customers can trust, we promise to continue to manufacture best products, delivering greatest value.

 We wish your company endless prosperity.
 Thank you.

  • Marine / Land / Nuclear generating station / General industry